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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Do you know where your steak came from? How about your eggs, bacon, chicken tenders, and a cheeseburger? Better yet, what nutrients you are getting from the food you eat? I find that “most people” don’t think about this.

We mindlessly grab whatever is on the shelf at the grocery store assuming that it is good for us, because why wouldn’t it be? Well, the grocery store is a business, the commercial farmers want to make money, and the biggest, glaring evil is the FDA. They want to make the most money of all. So, no, they don’t have our best interest in mind. They will follow the rules they have to, so they can get every penny and dime from you and me.


We eat what the animal ate and animals are supposed to eat grass, bugs, and other natural things. The grass they eat should be grown in nutrient-dense soil. Animals need to be able to move around so they can eat different types of grass and get the most nutrients from the soil. This is called “Rotational Grazing”. After years of farming and eating off of the same plot of grass, the soil becomes depleted of nutrients.

Not only is it good for animals to eat grass, but it is good for them to move and graze. Animals from commercial farms are packed so tightly into pens, they can’t move, so they end up eating and defecating in the same place. This is why animals must be given antibiotics. The moral of the story, if you are eating meat and eggs from a commercial farm, you are eating GMO grain, corn, processed animal by-product, feces, and other bacteria. Gross right?


Buy your meat and produce from a local farm, butcher, or local grocery store. Try to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Make sure you buy meat that was raised on a farm where they have access to fresh grass. Living in Noblesville, Indiana, there are several local farmers where you can buy grass-fed meat.

I get my meat from a local farm in Noblesville called Hoosier Heritage Farms. There is also another wonderful farm located in Greenfield called Tyner Pond Farm. They are both wonderful farms where I know the animals are treated well and living their best life eating what they were created to eat. I can order online and they deliver to my house or I can pick it up. You can find Hoosier Heritage Farm here.


Most consumers don’t think about WHERE their food came from, but this is just as important as choosing the right foods. Getting the education you need to make informed choices is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. I make sure that this is part of the conversation with all of my nutrition clients. My job is to inform you, educate you, and help you make better choices.

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