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What is "Healthy" Food?


I am always amazed at what I read and hear from the majority of people on what they consider to be healthy food. I recently received a Sign-Up Genius for my son’s 3rd class asking parents to bring in “healthy” snacks. The sign-up said, “No cookies, or chips”, but when I looked at the snacks parents were bringing, they were no better, if not worse than cookies and chips! The list consisted of Cheese-Its, Goldfish, Graham Crackers, and other carb-laden, preservative-filled snacks. For most Americans, I believe it is simply a lack of education on what good nutrition is. This needs to change!


Most people don’t give any thought to grabbing snacks on the grocery store shelf or grabbing a “supposedly” healthy bite to eat at Panera Bread. But why do we think places like this are “healthy”? Why are we trusting companies like General Mills and Panera Bread to give us healthy snacks and meals? Companies are good at advertising, that’s why. They prey on naïve Americans who trust anything they see or hear without doing their own research first. Big companies like this are in it for the money. Your money. They don’t care about your health. It is up to you to care about your health and nutrition.


If you start thinking your food choices through, read the labels of what you are buying, and choose to eat more food that doesn’t even contain a label, you will be doing yourself a favor. One of my top “healthy habits” is reading the label on the food I buy. Don’t be an ignorant consumer. You are in control of what you put in your shopping cart and what you put in your mouth. Is it hard to make changes to your diet? Of course, it is, but for the sake of your health, it needs to be done.

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