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Tips to Stay On Track On Vacation

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


The most common thing I hear from people when returning from vacation is, “I really blew it”. We go on vacation to enjoy time away, eat out, splurge, and relax more than we normally do. But when you are splurging for 5 or 7 days in a row, it derails any progress that you have made up to that point.

If you don’t go on a vacation with a game plan, you will most definitely lose sight of your goals and your progress.

You need to have your mind made up about what you are going to splurge on, how many times you will allow yourself a cheat meal or treat, and how you are going to defend yourself against friends and family who aren’t on the same page. These are the tips to stay on track on vacation I give to all my clients!


  1. Plan to be active! Go for a daily walk, run, stretch, or play some beach volleyball.

  2. Intermittent fast daily, or at least half of your trip. A good 16-hour fast will do wonders for your out-of-routine eating habits. It will also help your body keep up with digesting the food and drinks you normally don’t have.

  3. Plan the meals that you are going to eat out and only allow yourself 1-2 “cheats” or treats. If you binge eat and drink every day you will surely come home 5 lbs heavier.

  4. Decide ahead of time what your “Cheat” will be. Pick a favorite meal, restaurant, or treat you want to indulge in. Let your loved ones know what your game plan is so they can help you stick to it!

Go on vacation determined to uphold your healthy habits and nutrition goals. You can still enjoy your family and time away without sabotaging yourself completely.

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