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The Key To Weight Loss and Long-Term Health

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Individualization is the key to weight loss and long-term health

The thing you are missing and that everyone is missing is individualization. Every single human is different, and yes, even special. No two people are alike, so that means that your approach to losing weight, keeping it off, and living in optimal health is going to look a little bit different than your spouse, or the person next to you. Individualization is the key to weight loss and long-term health. Your nutrition and fitness need to be individualized at the beginning, middle, and end. And by the way, the end is death. Your health is never-ending. Once you've achieved your weight loss, there's body recom

position, chronic disease prevention, longevity and aging, and a whole host of things in between. So to pigeonhole yourself into one way of eating or dieting is only going to lead to giving up and giving in eventually.

I am going to give you some areas to look at that need to be individualized according to your needs, goals, and lifestyle.


One thing I've learned coaching people over the last 10 years is that people are a lot less likely to give up on their goals if they are able to master the skills it takes to get them there. So, this requires you to first set goals, and note more than 1, goal is best, and they need to be realistic, attainable, and within a reasonable time frame. 30 days isn't long enough, trust me, this is a recipe for failure. It usually takes 6 months to a year, if not more, to get the person on the right path.

If the goals are too far off and the steps needed to get you there are too hard, you will not feel a sense of competency and you will quit. Then, you will feel worse about yourself than you did when you started.

This is where a coach or practitioner comes in handy. You have someone else who has experience in the field who can help you carve out realistic goals on a realistic timeline, with opportunities for you to master skills and habits, one at a time. Mastery also includes being educated, understanding your body, what food does to it, and what fitness regimen is right for you.


Being able to relate to others who have experienced a similar journey is also a very strong motivator and driver for so many people. This includes personal relationships with others who can keep you accountable, support you, encourage you, and help you stay on track when things aren't perfect. Whether it is a spouse, friend, coach, group class, or just individualized self-introspection, healthy relationships are key to long-term success as it pertains to health changes.

Are there unhealthy relationships in your life that are keeping you from making the changes you need to be healthy again? Consider what relationships need to go and what new relationships can take their place.

Personal Agency

Self-regulation and control are empowering for humans. Feeling like you are in control of something that is impacting your life in a big way is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to your health and longevity. Being able to choose different aspects of your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle can be the thing that makes or breaks someone who has committed to a weight loss program. When we are placed in a rigid one-size-fits-all box with very specific rules or group format, often the individual will end up feeling helpless and defeated when there is any deviation or failure with the format. When the individual has the tools, resources, and education they need to make choices regarding their health journey they are far more likely to stick with it, forever.

The moral is that you are an individual with different genes, needs, goals, and lifestyle factors, so you can't expect a cookie-cutter diet plan to work, at least long-term. You need individualized care, which comes from a professional provider. End the frustration of dieting and feeling like crap. Get help!

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