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Mindful Eating


What is mindful eating and is it possible for you to eat well, be healthy, and still enjoy pizza, ice cream, or a cheeseburger? Of course, it is, as long as it is “once in a while” and not once a week. Special occasions are going to happen, you will have birthdays, holidays, and vacations. To say that you are never going to eat your favorite food again might be a little far-fetched. Next week is little Johnny’s birthday party, Friday night is a work party, and you have a family dinner on Sunday. You need to decide what you want to “indulge” in and just have that one thing that you love. Let’s not call this a “cheat meal”. A cheat meal sounds naughty and forbidden. There is this stigma around the “cheat day or cheat meal” that makes us want to come back for more the next week or even the same day. But these special occasions need to be just that, special occasions. Once per month, every 2 months, or once per year.


Someone recently said they loved pizza and couldn’t live without it. So let’s talk about that. If you love pizza that is fine. Pizza could be made well with wholesome ingredients and taste incredible. Does it have to be Papa John's? I sure hope not. You should not indulge in garbage food that is full of preservatives, processed oils, meat, and cheese. There is a difference between eating an artisan pizza from a nice restaurant that uses well-sourced ingredients and eating pizza from a fast-food chain like Papa John's. There is a difference between eating a pre-made, pre-packaged cake from the supermarket and eating a cake that was homemade or made fresh from a bakery. These are things that are ok every once in a while, but when eaten regularly or in excess they will ruin your health.


If you are choosing to partake in your special occasion food, you should do so mindfully and with a plan in mind. You need to measure out a reasonable portion and add some other healthy choices to go along with it. Have your 2 slices of pizza with a big salad. Have 1 slice of cake or pie at Thanksgiving dinner and a big glass of water. Don’t eat 2 dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, and cake. Choose 1 or 2 smaller portions and enjoy each bite. Chew your food, and set your fork down between bites. Listen to your body and pay attention to when you are full.

Making these mindful choices can be hard when you are doing it alone. Sign up for a Free consult for the accountability and macro breakdown you need to still enjoy your favorite foods.

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