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How to Burn Fat Fast with Daily Movement

Since the pandemic blew up, the majority of folks are now working from home. Sitting all day, at a desk, staring at their computer. We are getting little to no movement in our day. Even if you are one of the few to make it to the gym every day for exercise, sitting for 8 hours of your day won't burn off 3 meals + snacks.

So, what's the solution? Move! We burn calories and expend energy when we move, and that includes any kind of movement. Fidgeting is movement, it's called NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). Carrying groceries, putting dishes away, folding laundry, and walking up stairs, are all non-exercise activities.

And then there is standing! Standing is better than sitting. So, you could at least stand more, and no you don't have to have a standing desk, but if you can get one great!

Next step, start walking! Walking increases glucose uptake into your muscle cells, so that means less glucose for your fat cells. Walking burns calories. Walking is easy as long as you have legs!

How To Leverage Walking For MAXIMAL Fat Loss

1. Walk in the morning when you first wake up, in a fasted state. Grab your black coffee or tea, or just a glass of water and go for a walk. If you can't walk outside, walking inside on a treadmill will do fine, maybe you have a bike, or some type of aerobic exercise machine, and this will work too. Just 20-30 minutes of light to moderate exercise before you start your day helps to lower cortisol and burn body fat. Likewise, you could use a sauna and get in a sweat that way as well, just make sure you are well-hydrated!

2. Walk in the sunshine, if it's sunny where you are, or at least get outside sometime in the morning for a mental health break. This sets the stage for your cortisol and sleep rhythm throughout the day when you expose your eyes to natural blue light from the sun, plus you get vitamin D synthesis, and burn fat!

3. Walk after meals, especially carb-heavy meals. Walking 20-30 minutes at a moderate-brisk pace post-meal is shown to have a massive impact on blood glucose levels. Again, your muscles are using glucose for energy without raising insulin. It's a win-win.

My 3 Tips for How to Burn Fat Fast with Daily Movement

My # 1 Tip, If you can afford it and if you don't have access to relatively decent weather and sun year-round, is to buy a walking pad or treadmill. I bought a standing desk this year, then I bought a walking pad. It is a game changer. I can walk 2-3 miles in just 30 minutes! It is much smaller than a treadmill and much cheaper. It's cost-efficient and space-saving. You can find so many different ones online that range from $150-$500, and who knows your health insurance or your company may pay for or reimburse you for your health investment.

My second tip is to schedule the times you are going to commit to moving. My best advice is to do it when you first wake up, then get your regular exercise routine in later in the day!

My last tip, ask a friend or loved one to do it with you. Being accountable helps you follow through and establish a habit. Even if you aren't doing it in the same space together, just knowing someone is on the same page as you will help encourage you and keep you accountable when you feel like quitting. Share with them about how to burn fat fast with daily movement!

And remember, change doesn't happen overnight. It happens over time, slowly, but if you are consistent you will reap the reward.

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