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Factors Affecting Your Health

Have you thought about other factors affecting your health?

Are you feeling frustrated or stuck with your health? Are you struggling to lose weight, or maybe you are gaining weight and can't figure out why? Are you plagued with bloating, headaches, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or maybe a fasting glucose and A1C that keeps creeping up? So many women feel uncomfortable in their own skin and just want to feel better. But oftentimes we get hyper-focused on one thing and we forget that there could be multiple things at play. There's usually not just one thing that is making you feel like crap and preventing you from losing weight and feeling like yourself.

Connecting the Dots

Your body is a system and every part works together so you can function the way you were made to. If one part of the system isn't functioning properly it is going to affect the rest of the system. So, thinking about your body this way let's dive into some major factors affecting your health!

  1. Genetics: If you can't afford genetic testing, just look at your family health history. Do you see any trends or diseases that are generational?

  2. Environment and Lifestyle (which include the following👇)

  3. Nutrition/hydration➡️Nutritonal Imbalances, Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities. Do you drink water every day? You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces. Do you eat fresh fruits and vegetables 2-3 times per day? Are you getting 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight? Have you experienced immediate or delayed symptoms after eating, such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, rash, psoriases, swelling, or hives?

  4. Exercise and Movement. Are you moving every day? Training your muscles in some capacity and getting stronger is vital to disease prevention and aging. Are you walking, running, or biking?

  5. Sleep and Recovery. Are you getting 7+ hours of solid, undisturbed sleep every night, or do you wake up tired, and groggy, and go to sleep wired and anxious?

  6. Stress➡️Death, Divorce, Trauma, Over-Training, Ultra-processed foods, Jam-packed schedules! Have you had any major life events you haven't dealt with? These cause stress on your body, often it is chronic. A busy schedule is stressful!

  7. Relationships➡️Negativity, Sabotage, Jealousy. Are you in relationships that drain you emotionally, mentally, and physically? Who can you walk away from or seek reconciliation with? Friends and spouses that don't support changes for a healthier you can make it difficult to change!

  8. Microorganisms➡️infections, parasites, viruses. As a child or adult, have you taken a lot of antibiotics, steroids, or NSAIDs? Have you been out of the country or had a bad bout of food poisoning?

  9. Environmental Pollutants and Toxins➡️ Plastics, fragrances, dental fillings, factories, and farms nearby where you live or grew up, pesticides on your fruits and vegetables. Have you ever considered how the air you breathe, the water you drink, the lotions, shampoos, perfumes, and candles you use affect your hormones? These are all endocrine disruptors!

Looking at the Big Picture

What does each of these factors look like in your life? I assess all of these things with new clients and we are able to customize the right nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management plan so they can start feeling better and losing weight asap! If you are stuck and can't lose weight or you are suffering from symptoms you think are normal, I hope you will dig deeper instead of just taking a pill to treat the symptom. I hope you will investigate and explore each of these areas of your life so you can live a better healthier one.

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