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Are You A Stress Eater?


Some of us eat when we are under stress, and some of us don’t. Which one are you? Knowing if you are a stress eater is usually a pretty easy thing to identify. One thing we can all agree on is that we, Americans, have way too much stress in our lives. Stress is going to happen, for some maybe more than others, but never-the-less, let’s just expect we are going to encounter stress. How we handle that stress is a life changer.


In order to be successful in meeting your goals, you need to have a game plan for when you encounter stressful life situations. The most common excuse I hear from my clients for not eating healthy is that they have been under a lot of stress due to a busy schedule, kids, work, spouses, travel, and the list goes on. Not having a plan in place for how you will deal with life’s curveballs creates more stress, it creates more disappointment and sends you down an even bigger spiral downwards. Left alone to our own devices we will eat a pint of ice cream at every opportunity, in the name of the stress of course, until that pint of ice cream becomes a nightly habit. So start meal planning! It doesn't take much time. Write down your schedule, what you want to have to eat, make your grocery list, gather recipes, and BOOM you're done. Trust me, it will relieve so much stress during your week!


Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to tell you that there are other ways to manage your stress. It usually takes rock bottom for someone to reach out for help. But the sooner you can let someone help, the easier it will be to get yourself out of the bottom of whatever hole you have been eating in. It takes conviction, accountability, motivation, and a sense of purpose to change lifelong eating habits. Most people can’t do it on their own. Willpower only lasts so long and we humans only have so much. Don’t wait until you have hit rock bottom to reach out to someone for help. It is your health on the line. Think of your family, your friends, and the people in your life who need you around. Stress + a poor diet is a recipe for disease and death. Learn how to manage your stress and eat well by booking a Free Discovery call on my site.

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