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April's 90-Day Results

April's 90-Day Results Testimony

I finished my 90-day program with my amazing coach Missy McDowell.

When we first started, she asked me what my goals were. I said to lose 10 pounds, gain muscle (this would be from my program with her husband though) and (jokingly) wear a 1 piece to Florida in 4 weeks, being comfortable in my own skin. Then I added that I wanted to figure out what was happening to my stomach after eating certain foods, making it hurt and bloat, and leaving me feeling nauseous, and why I also got random headaches.

90 days is a long time and summer was right in the middle of it. We traveled 4 different times, several states, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my trips and eating the food.

I learned about reading labels, how helpful ACV is, and how to fast properly. I learned the importance of eating protein and actually eating enough of it. I learned numbers about my body from the in-body scan. I learned to appreciate the scale but not obsess over it. I learned to stop being hard on myself when I didn’t get the results right away.

I bought that 1 piece. I fasted 24 hours. (Technically 23:50 bc dinner was ready!). I lost 1 whole pant size. I tried new healthier food options and loved it. I said no to free donuts at school but yes to lots of ice cream on vacation. I had pizza that wasn’t gluten-free and nightshades and nothing happened. My list could go on.

I lost 9 pounds of body fat, 1 pant size, and gained 1 pound of muscle. 📷

It may not seem like much for 90 days but I accomplished more for myself than just those numbers. I learned healthy habits that will stay with me. I know how to lose body fat. I know how to reset my body when we travel or eat yummy food. I have new goals set going forward from here, with building muscle that burns body fat, listening to hunger cues, and continuing with fasting at the right times for me.

The picture below is from our AMI Florida trip in June. I felt so incredibly happy about my progress just 4 weeks into the program. I enjoyed that trip, comfortable in my own skin and the 1 piece. I was relaxed and with my family. I ate the local food that was so delicious. And I looked for houses to buy there. 📷 But seriously, you’re never too old or “too far gone” to give yourself the chance of making your life and health better. Tell yourself “I am worth it.” and then do something about it.

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