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Healthy food to help with weight loss


Hey, it's Missy from Eat Well with Missy! Are you tired of not feeling your best? Most nutrition programs offer a quick fix, but I'm here to offer a sustainable solution. With personalized coaching, accountability, and education, I'll help you transform your life for good.

Meet Missy McDowell, IFNcP  

Nutrition coaching is my passion and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients. My journey has been a long one, with a lot of ups and downs with my own health. I have discovered that I can change the course of my current and long-term health by eating well and I believe that functional nutrition and fitness is the key to living a healthy life and preventing metabolic disease.


Healthy Eating Made Easy E-Book

Missy McDowell from Eat Well With Missy In Noblesville, Indiana.

Natalie Beal 

I am a better version of me because of Missy! I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. I’m feeling wonderful! She gathered info about my body, patterns, and experiences and created a plan with me that fit my specific needs.

Alaina Butiste

Since working with Missy I've had 43lb of weight loss, my mood/ stress level has improved significantly. I have gained so much knowledge about eating healthy working with Missy. 

Donna Ragsdale

Missy helped me with better eating habits, but an even better mind set. Four months later have over 20lb of weight loss, I feel better than I have in many years! I’m healthier physically and mentally.!
Before and after weight loss


Menu-planning has just gotten easier! This E-Book contains 67 easy, family-friendly recipes, that have been mom tested and kid-approved! These are low-carb recipes made with REAL food, clean ingredients, that are GOOD for you! Feel better about what you are eating and feeding your family!

Bridgette before and after weight loss

My Approach To Healthy Eating

I wholeheartedly believe individualized nutrition  and fitness coaching is the only way to be successful long-term. Cookie-cutter programs may work temporarily, but they don't work long-term when the individual plateaus or gives up due to unsustainability. Every person has unique differences such as age, gender, hormones, stress, kids' activities, & work. As these things change, your needs will change as well.



Book your free discovery call to share your goals & to learn how I help women through customized nutrition coaching strategies. 


Our initial 90 minute call will lay the groundwork for the upcoming weeks and months of your nutrition journey. 


Start making progress towards your weight loss & health goals.  I want you to feel amazing and empower you to walk this out on your own. 

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